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Aqua Blue Aura Quartz Cluster Necklace
Skully Kouture

Aqua Blue Aura Quartz Cluster Necklace

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Aura Quartz have an ability to open the consciousness and heal the physical and spiritual body with extraordinary high vibration. These crystals are gorgeous with their metallic rainbow sheen in colors. Aura Quartz crystals are created when Clear Quartz crystals are heated in a vacuum and infused with vaporized precious metals. These precious metals permanently bond onto the surface of the quartz crystal. By combining Quartz with different metals a unique energy vibration is created. Though enhanced by modern techniques, these crystals utilize the ancient powers of alchemy and synergy.

Materials: Magic, Aura Quartz, Copper, Tinned Copper, Leather
Size: 1" long by 3/4" wide

Chain is made to order. Please select chain length.

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