Bracelet / Howlite and Lava / Essential Oil Diffuser

Bracelet / Howlite and Lava / Essential Oil Diffuser

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Howlite is often believed to be an excellent stone for meditation, and has been used by practitioners to focus the mind. The grey spidery veins are thought to be like intrusive thoughts, to be acknowledged and then passed by. For this mental calming effect, some believers advocate placing howlite under an insomniac's pillow, to promote serenity of mind and to empty it of distracting thought.

Howlite is also thought to have properties that help relieve stress, open up memories of previous lives, strengthen bones and/or teeth--among other benefits.

Lava is added to each bracelet for oil diffusing. Simply add a drop or two to the lava rock and enjoy. Repeat as needed.

Materials: Howlite, Lava, Pewter
Measures: Available in two sizes 6", 6 1/2", 7", 7 1/2" and 8"