We've partnered up with Jill Desruisseau at Wicked Stitches to bring you handmade cloaks. Each piece is unique and designed in her home studio in Connecticut. We met Jill years ago through J & S Collectibles (read more below) when we first started vending the comic con scene. We immediately became con family and the rest is history.

Meet Jill Desruisseau:

About J&S: J&S Collectibles started in its current incarnation in 2006 when Army veteran Steve Randolph Sr (Jill's hubby) decided to get back to his roots and his passion for buying and selling (and sometimes collecting) comic books. Over the last 12 years the business has grown to encompass wife Jill and most of our family and friends who come hang out at the booth at conventions. Our show territory encompasses all of New England, New York, and as far south as Washington, DC. Steve retired from the army after 27 years and now does shows part time as his retirement gig.

Wicked Stitches is the brain child of Jill Desruisseau who aside from helping run J&S Collectibles and having a full time job decided she needed something else fun to do and in 2018 after a 20 year hiatus began making cloaks, capes, and hoods for renfaire, larp, and cosplay sold through good friend Heather Weikel’s business of Skully Kouture. Wicked Stitches gives Jill a creative outlet to play with all types of fabrics and colors, from vintage kimono pieces to leathers and state of the art modern cosplay fabrics.

The word cloak comes from Old North French cloque (Old French cloche, cloke) meaning "travelling cloak", from Medieval Latin clocca "travelers' cape," literally "a bell," so called from the garment's bell-like shape. Thus the word is related to the word clock. (credit Wikipedia)