Crytsal + Essential Oil Pairing Sets

If you know how to use crystals with essential oils, you can actually get even more out of both. Our Crystal + Essential Oil Pairing Sets have done the guesswork for you by combining natural stones and pairing them with essential oils so they amplify each other’s ability to guide you toward the state you want to reach. It's no surprise that these two healing modalities come together and blend their energies beautifully.
These sets are complete with:
  • essential oil
  • roller with crystal chips to make an infused oil blend
  • diffuser bracelet 
  • information and instruction card
  • each set is individually priced depending on oil
Essential oils have inspired my lava oil diffusing jewelry collection. I love the opportunity to help customers find their inner harmony through my jewelry and essential oils. If you would like to learn more, fill out a contact form here.
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