Skull Cross Necklace

Skull Cross Necklace

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Pirates used symbols as part of their strategy to instill fear. Skeletons, flaming swords, and hourglasses were among their favorite symbols. The most popular was the “Jolly Roger”, a white skull-and-crossbones on a black background. This was probably derived from the French flag known as “Jolie Rouge” or “rouge laws” in England which were meant for dealing with thieves and vagabonds. The word Roger could have originated from this. Or, the name could have even come from the very macho concept of the raging bull as Roger was a name commonly given by the English to their stud bull.

The skull-and-crossbones symbol was the symbol of death. Associated symbols like the raised glass could have meant that the pirate was toasting death, while dancing skeletons meant flirting with death. Sometimes, two or three symbols were used together. (credit

We think this cross was found at the bottom of the sea.

Measures: Pendant measures 3" long on 28" long black leather strap
Materials: Pewter, Black Leather