Fenrir (Wolf) Fang Necklace

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The Legend of Fenrir

One of the three children of Loki by a giantess (jötunn) named Angrboða, Fenrir plays an imperative, though short, role in Norse mythology.  A wolf of remarkable size and strength, Fenrir has one major story recorded in the Norse sagas, yet this singular story paints a picture of bravery for one god and an omen of death for the rest of them.  Fenrir, unfortunately for the Æsir and Vanir, turned out to be one of the many foreshadowing signs of the end of the Norse world: Ragnarök. (credit http://www.ancient-origins.net) 

Measures: Pendant measures 2" long by 1/2" wide on 28" long black leather strap
Materials: Stainless Steel, Black Leather Strap