Aztec Feather

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The Aztec headdress was an important and central design piece that completed the outfit of some of the more important Aztec people and the actual making of the headdresses itself was an ingrained part of the Aztec culture.The types of adornment crafted on the headdresses were restricted, and the items used for ornaments included a variety of objects that the Aztec people would procure. These decorations included shells or all kinds and colors, metals, feathers of local birds and beads and precious stones. There was a certain feather that only a specific Aztec could wear. For example, Aztec warriors called Cuauhocelotl, were prized with feathered helmets that distinguish them for their bravery or skill. (credit

Material: Pewter Pendant and choice of black cotton cord or brown leather strap
Size: Pendant measures 2" long and cotton 17" long with a 2" adjuster chain or 26" brown leather strap