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Scorpio - Zodiac Kit
Scorpio - Zodiac Kit
Scorpio - Zodiac Kit
Skully Kouture

Scorpio - Zodiac Kit

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Our new zodiac collection pairs specific crystals and essential oils that align with your Sun sign! Working with crystals allows you to harness the energy from the Earth. Each Sun sign has a natural affinity for certain crystal, stones, and minerals.

For centuries, people have used aromatherapy to benefit the mind, body, and soul for a happier, healthier life. But with such a wide range of oils, it can feel a bit overwhelming to pick which is right for you. I've selected an essential oil that pairs well

SCORPIO: Obsidian & Frankincense Oil
(water sign, October 23 to November 21)

You follow your intuition, and for good reason; it rarely leads you astray. You’re also very in tune with your emotions, and you’re not afraid to go after what you want. You, Scorpio, are Frankincense essential oil; this smoky, spicy oil comes from an ancient resin that has historic ties to spirituality and religion. Thus it’s your aromatic match—it’s sacred, beloved, and evocative.

Those born under the sign of the Scorpio are often perceived as intuitive and sensual beings with a powerful and mysterious aurora about them. They are determined, intense and loyal to their cause, often making as many friends as enemies. Shielding from negative vibes is the incentive of Obsidian, which serves to cleanse Scorpio’s aura by enhancing the water sign’s intuitive side. These two work hand in hand. Obsidian brings the gift of prophecy and Scorpio gives the crystal immense power.

Scorpio Mix: Lime, Frankincense, Peppermint, Orange

Kit Contains:

  • Obsidian pendant with zodiac charm
  • Scorpio (4 oz) inspired essential oil mist 
  • Information Card

Please note Peppermint and Citrus oils can be harmful to some dogs and cats. 
Essential oils should not be used near babies younger than 3 months old.

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