Octopus Tentacle Necklace

Octopus Tentacle Necklace

  • $12.00

People have a kind of ambivalent opinions on octopus, because this animal is so strange. However, its spiritual guidance could be inspirational. Octopus totem is a great one.

People born under this totem are versatile, very creative and intelligent. They are able to outsmart almost everyone and disguise themselves when they need to.

They may appear mysterious and dark, but the true is they are soft and emotional.

  • Creative and imaginative
  • Intelligent and good with words
  • Emotional and kind
  • Intriguing and unique
  • Flexible

Octopus people are skilful with using words, so they prove excellent writers, journalists, researchers or spokespersons.

They do not want to draw much attention, though. However, they magnetic aura always bring new people in their lives. Octopus people love to engage in conversation on a higher level.

They like intellectual and philosophical debates. In addition to these, they also love chatting with their friends and family members. (credit mydreamsymbolism.com)

Materials: Pewter, Leather
Measures: Pendant is 2" long on a 26" leather strap


Chase away you black tint and embrace the world with all the qualities you have, Octopus person!