Skully Krew

Heather or "Skully" is the creator of most of the hand-made items sold through SK. She is also responsible for hand-picking your favorite items not directly created in the SK studio. Her inspiration comes from her love of mythical legends and passion for metaphysical properties in gemstones. When she’s not creating jewelry or shopping for unique goods, she’s updating the SK website, online shops, social media platforms and any promotional collateral. Her favorite part of SK is meeting our customers at events. Her mission is to put a smile on each customer’s face whether they are approaching or leaving our booth, table or trunk show.  When Heather’s not working SK, she’s a Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer for a local organization that supports individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism.

Wayne is Heather’s right hand man, best friend and husband. Wayne has a keen eye for design so you can thank him for our amazing and thoughtful booth layout. His use of light and texture really help SK radiate at events.  In the SK studio he assists with product choice and has been known to create some hand-made pieces of his own. He also handles the finance end of our business, to SK he is the human calculator. Lastly, he’s the muscle behind loading and unloading at events. We don’t know what kind of magic he uses to load the truck but he seems to fit everything with room to spare. By day Wayne is a Manager of a local business.

Pop Pop (Ben) is Heather’s dad and lead carpenter. Sometimes we give him a napkin with a scribble on it and he always creates something beyond our expectations. You can thank Pop Pop for all of our hand-made display pieces. Those giant “doors” that we use in so many events were all created from scratch. He adds unique touches and innovative ideas to the SK traveling trunk show display. SK would not stand-out or shine without his handy work. He also contributes to the productivity business end whether it’s helping with loading/unloading the vehicle, shipping online orders or packaging product. Pop Pop is retired but works more now then when he was a Housing Director for the U.S. Government.

Christine is Heather’s friend and our favorite booth crew member. She works long hours with a smile on her face. Christine makes every show better with her positive energy and ambition to make each customer’s purchase a perfect one. She jumps right in to learn our ever changing product line at each event. When she’s not helping SK, she’s an amazing artist creating shadowboxes, jewelry and seasonal items. If that wasn’t enough she works by day as a Special Education teacher. And she’s cute as a button to boot!

Awaken your Spirit: Our Story

What started as a dream and a tray of skull bracelets has grown into a family business. In 2010, Skully Kouture, back then known as Kharma Collection, sold jewelry from a small boutique. As the boutique closed its doors in 2012, an invite from a friend to vend a tray of our popular “Skully Kouture” bracelets at a comic con crossed our paths, and the rest was history.

Today, founder Heather Weikel’s passion for creating unique goods and spreading positivity continues to grow. As you can see from the descriptions above, along for the ride is her hubby Wayne, Dad Ben, and friend Christine. Without them and the continued support from their family, customers and other vendors, Skully would not be possible. A creative graphic designer with a flair for art and jewelry making, Heather always wanted to start her own business. Skully is also a way for Heather to connect with other artists/vendors, give back to the community, and honor the memory and spirit of her Mother, Judy.  Judy always had a goal to own her own business and now her dreams are finally being realized today through Skully Kouture.

Skully’s products are inspired by Heather’s love of mythical legends, holistic magic, and vintage spirit:

Mythical & Swanky
Bringing magic and mayhem to the world! We have jewelry and accessories inspired by fandom favorites from legends such as vikings and pirates. Some pieces are enchanted by mermaids or wizards magic. Turn the page and you will see we also offer posh statement chokers and trendy threads for rock stars.

Holistic & Metaphysical 
Jewelry that is good for your soul. We create jewelry and products to meet the increased need for healing and energy through natural remedies. Heather started creating beautiful pieces using materials like aura quartz, druzy, lava and a multitude of other gemstones. Championing Scleroderma, a rare autoimmune disease, she believes in the power of positivity. She loves the opportunity to help her customers find their inner harmony. Her knowledge of holistic remedies such as essential oils has influenced and inspired her jewelry designs.

Fine vintage goods and upcycled creations. We love items with history. Heather's love for turning vintage goods into new art pieces was born after rescuing a 1920's chandelier from a trash pile. The chandelier itself was destroyed but most of the crystals were salvageable. We turned those pieces into wearable art, creating earrings and necklaces. From perusing the tents at Brimfield to estate sales, we love that vintage flair. We travel up and down the east coast on the hunt for unique items. Those that need love we re-purpose into something magical.